Monday, November 17, 2014

The App That Brings Malibu To You

Hello Readers,

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm Jose' and I've been invited to be a contributing author here at Inside TLR Worldwide, LLC. I have to say, it certainly is an honor to be asked to write about anything, since I'm not much of a writer. With that said, you may be asking yourself, then why did you get tapped to be a contributor to this blog? And my response would have to be, "Sometimes, It's not what you know, it's who you know", so who do I know? In addition to knowing God, the One who opens all of my doors to opportunities.... I also know the CEO of TLR Worldwide, LLC. and Mr. Tango Lee Bronson, more affectionately known by his friends and family as "Tango".

 Maybe one day I will get to share with all of you how Tango and I met years ago on the PCH in Malibu, it's a funny story that I never get tired of sharing, but since this is my first contribution to his blog I would like to focus on TLR and especially the MALIBUSELFIES.COM Community being served by the efforts of a dynamic team of creative talents at TLR.

It's been quite a while since I first visited the Malibu Studios of the California Record Label... known officially as "Tangolee Records Worldwide, LLC" and I was excited to hear that they had branched out from managing Recording Artist and overseeing Recording Productions, to now being one of the fastest growing Online Communities on the Internet, with more than 338,000 loyal followers in 28 Countries Worldwide. 

Recently I caught up with my good friend Tango and asked him why his followers like the MalibuSelfies App so much, and what he thought was fueling the excitement of this exploding Brand Name. This is what the CEO of TLR and MalibuSelfies had to say...

I've been poor and I've been wealthy, and poor again and what this has taught me is... 

"It's great to have a lot of money, but if you don't have a connection to living your life free from greed, all the money in the world will never be able to buy you peace and happiness".

Tango went on to say.... When I first visited Malibu I didn't have two nickels to rub together, but what I did have was priceless. I had a vision that was so vivid and so real I could taste it. Deep within me was a determination to create a community environment, a network of people and businesses that all shared my mission to support each other not just with financial resources, but also with emotional, spiritual and psychological support. I wanted to build a legacy that would be an example of what comes from the unselfish caring for others above and beyond our own needs.

I wanted to not only transform what giving looks like, but actually make it look like so much fun that it becomes the new definition of cool. Imagine everybody reaching out to everyone else, not because it's the right thing to do, but because people truly understand the magic of allowing themselves to participate in a positive act that impacts both the provided for and the provider. We all want to be cared for, loved, respected and accepted, that's the stuff we all have within us that we can freely share with everyone, even and especially that individual who acts like they don't care or need your love, they need it the most and of course that calls for a greater amount of passion and patience.

But in the end to see a life touched by the beauty that has been place in each of us well that right there is what we have dubbed "MalibuSelfies" and it's what we mean when we say, "The App That Brings Malibu To You"!

Tango told me, "I want everyone who visits any of our websites or uses our App to be positively influenced and to share the MalibuSelfies App as something they proudly endorse.

"We're more than just a social network app, we're a cutting edge community of positive lifestyle leaders, building and sometimes rebuilding lives, one person at a time through living as an example in our active, selfless acts of purpose driven giving!"

Tango is the real deal folks and in the years that I've known him I have only seen this man do exactly what he says he will do, and he does it repeatedly without fail! He is by far the most driven and highly love motivated individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. If I we're a woman I would marry! I have a great deal of respect for this Man and for the work he so tirelessly puts forth through his persistence to serving others and being a beacon in a dark world! 

If you would like to know more about Tango, TLR Worldwide, LLC. or The MalibuSelfies App we invite you to contact us at

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Featured Recording Artist: BONZE ROC

Since the beginning of Hip-Hop’s existence, Hip-Hop has been broken down into four core elements: DJing, MCing, B-Boying and Graffiti. Years later, KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions added five new Hip-Hop elements: Beatboxing, Fashion, Street Language, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge. Bonze Roc, an Emcee from Montclair, N.J., is taking it upon himself to spread knowledge to the masses.

Bonze stated he always questioned the world around him, even as a child. Growing up in a Christian household, Bonze became aggravated when he was told not to question God.

“I’m always on a quest for answers,” said Bonze Roc over the phone. “When I was told not to question God all I could say was, Why?”

To further his knowledge, Bonze Roc began reading religious text and studying Quantum Physics. Bonze says during his studies, he found that everything is somehow connected and nothing is what it seems.

“People like separating things into categories,” said Bonze Roc. “I found that everything is one. There used to be a battle of science vs. religion but now science is accepting spirituality. It’s funny how they don’t show that on CNN. TV is designed to oppress the masses by distracting them from real knowledge. People need to turn off their TV and seek the truth.”

Bonze Roc has a new mixtape called “Introduction to Bonze Roc” Bonze calls the project’s first single “Killuminati’s Revenge” a dedication to Tupac Shakur. Bonze went on to say he feels it's his obligation to pick up where Tupac left off.  

“Pac was an amazing artist. He had people thinking,” said Bonze Roc. “I want people to use their brain and learn too. We're capable of amazing things but people don't realize it.”

To learn more about Bonze Roc and the topics discussed in this article we have provided you with his social media links, on the right side of this page.

Bonze Roc - "Killuminati's Revenge"

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